Learning sites in the Nature Park

Our learning site partners are certified nature guides, museums, artists, farms and professional education providers in the Nature Park. The aim is to familiarise children and youth groups with the nature, features and history of the region. You will find more than 100 educational offers on this site: National and regional history comes to life at the locations where it happened. The slate, the blue gold, minerals and diverse rocks, that are also used for colour in painting courses, all become interesting objects. Artists offer their expertise in sculpting, ceramic and goldsmith workshops. Working together in teams becomes an unforgettable group experience, with water sports on the 'Thuringian Sea', on the rock climbing wall or while filming.

Extracurricular learning sites allow learning in authentic locations. Through the variety of sensory impressions, one's own creations, or encounters with special people and their stories, the experience will stay with you. All offers can be found in the Thuringian School Portal. You can find the Nature Park and its learning sites here:

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